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Takach Table Top Etching Press
Takach Table Top Etching Press
"Having used my Table Top model for a few years now, I have to say it's the most wonderful tool I own... When I first turned the crank and saw how it smoothly continued to roll as I let go of the handle... made evident the superior engineering. When I print an image that has a wide variety of depth to the etch, all the nuances are captured on paper, this makes all the platework worthwhile."

- Alexandra Parks,
AMP Studios
Albuquerque, New Mexico

20 Year Etching Press Warranty


Table Top Etching Press Information

Table Top Etching Press Pressure SystemPressure System:
Printing pressure is applied by lowering the upper pressure drum onto the press bed using the pressure adjusting screws. Micrometer pressure dials are supplied with each press to allow consistent pressure application and repeatability. The upper pressure drum may be raised 1.25" above the bed for relief printing.

Table Top Etching Press Bed Leveling BearingPress Bed:
Half-inch blanchard ground aluminum tool plate with a phenolic-resin sheet bonded to the top and bottom surface provides a durable work surface. This surface will withstand all chemicals used in the printing process, very high pressure without embossment problems or loss of printing pressure, and cleans up easily. Uneven printing pressure is eliminated by independently adjustable precision ball bearings supporting the bed.

Frame Unit:
Three-quarter inch by five inch aluminum is paired and machined simultaneously to provide a very accurate and sturdy frame unit. One inch diameter cross bars bolt the frame together. An aluminum frame provides maximum strength, yet reduces the press's weight considerably, making it a more mobile unit.

Drive and Pressure Drums for Table Top Etching PressPressure and Drive Drums:
Welded drum shaft, support baffles, and heavy wall drum stock are machined to precise specifications as a concentric unit. Maximum drum shaft support is achieved by two self aligning ball bearing support units. This allows the upper pressure drum independent vertical end-to-end travel. All drums are nickel plated. The Pressure Drum is available in standard 4.5" or optional 7 1/2" diameter. The 7 1/2" diameter upper pressure drum option equips your press with a 7 1/2" diameter nickel plated Upper Pressure Drum as opposed to the standard 4 1/2" diameter nickel plated drum. The advantage of this option is a larger diameter Upper Drum will allow the press operator to print with greater pressure with less effort. Although either drum diameter offered will produce excellent results when printing, we recommend the 7 1/2" diameter drum when using heavy pressure.

Internal Bed StopInternal Bed Stops:
Bed Stops secure the moving press bed to the press frame. Allows full press bed travel and maxamizes printing area.  This feature is a must in today's safety conscious work environment. The internal bed stop design allows full printability of press bed. 

Drive System For Table Top Etching PressBed Drive System:
Effortless hand cranking is made possible by our double reduction chain and sprocket drive system. Polyethylene wear strips attached to each side frame assure minimal bed friction. "See-thru" chain guard covers allow easy inspection of chain lubrication.

Custom Color Table Top Etching PressFinish:
All steel press parts are protected by nickel plating, anodizing, high quality paint, or powder coated finish. Custom Colors are available on presses.

Combo Capable:
All Table Top presses are combo capable at no additional cost! Combo capable allows you to purchase either an Etching Press or Litho  Press and at a later date order the second Pressure Head,  giving you a complete Etching and Litho Combination Press.

Printing Press Support Work BenchSupport Bench:
A beautiful and durable 1.75" Michigan hard rock maple table top is attached to a steel table frame. Can be used as a Support Table for Table Top Presses or as a Work Bench for the studio. One lower shelf comes standard; a second shelf may be added, as well as roll around casters for mobility.

Synchronized Pressure SystemSynchronized Pressure System:
An optional feature on etching Presses, that allows adjustment of printing pressure from a single side of the printing press. The chain driven pressure screws move in unison, eliminating the need to walk around the etching press to adjust printing pressure. The Synchronized Pressure System ensures even printing pressure without the need of the micrometer dials. It saves valuable print studio space, as it allows a press to be used when placed against a wall. The complete package consists of synchronized pressure system, rotational blanket system and felt blankets. The rotational blanket system raises the felts off of the printing surface, freeing the hands of the printmaker during printing. The Rotational Blanket System feature eliminates the need to handle the blankets as they are neatly kept out of the way while remaining on the etching press ready for use.

Captains WheelCaptain's Wheel
Optional Table Top Captain's Wheel Takes the place of the standard crank handle. 36 " diameter for Table Top Presses.


Model/Bed Size 18x36 24x36 24x48 30x48 30x60
Overall Height 19" 19" 19" 19" 19"
Overall Height with
Support Bench
51" 51" 51" 51" 51"
Frame Length 36" 36" 48" 48" 60"
Frame Width 19.75" 25.75" 25.75" 31.75" 31.75"
Frame Height 5" 5" 5" 5" 5"
Bed Length 36" 36" 48" 48" 60"
Bed Width 18" 24" 24" 30" 30"
Bed Height 5.25" 5.25" 5.25" 5.25" 5.25"
Drum Length 18" 24" 24" 30" 30"
Drum Diameter 4.75"/7.5" 4.75"/7.5" 4.75"/7.5" 4.75"/7.5" 4.75"/7.5"
Weight with Standard 4.75" drum 220lb 270lbs 295lbs 335lbs 370lbs
Weight with Large 7.5" drum 260lbs 325lbs 330lbs 380lbs 415lbs


Press Model
(Bed Size)
Etching Press (standard 
4 3/4" Upper Drum)
Etching Press (optional 
7 1/2" Upper Drum)
(18" x 36")
Item # 0001836
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Item # 00018367
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(24" x 36")
Item # 0002436
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Item # 00024367
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(24" x 48")
Item # 0002448
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Item # 00024487
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(30" x 48")

Item # 0003048
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Item # 00030487
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(30" x 60")

Item # 0003060
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Item # 00030607
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