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Takach Floor Model Etching Press

Takach Floor Model Etching Press
"During my 20 years of professional printmaking, I have worked on more than 10 brands of etching presses. In terms of performance, reliability, space efficient design, safety features, durability, quality engineering, and customer relations, Takach Press stands alone. Ironically, presses of lesser quality, can cost considerably more."

- Kathy DeAtley,
Owner DeAtley Editions,
Riverside, California

Etching Press Information

Pressure SystemPrinting Pressure Systems:
Printing pressure is applied by lowering the upper pressure drum onto the press bed using the pressure adjusting screws. Micrometer pressure dials are supplied with each press to allow consistent pressure application and repeatability. The upper pressure drum may be raised 1.25" above the bed for relief printing.

Etching Press BedPress Bed:
Three inch thick, staggered grain, hard rock maple wood is the core of our press bed. All wood sections are relief cut according to manufacturer's specifications to eliminate bed warp. Steel pins, 3/4" inch in diameter, connect bed sections. A .25" plate which has a phenolic-resin sheet bonded to the top surface, provides the working surface of the bed. The working surface will withstand all chemicals used in the printing process and will withstand very high pressures without embossment problems or loss of printing pressure. The underside of the bed is also covered with phenolic-resin to protect from moisture. Uneven printing pressure is eliminated by independently adjustable precision ball bearings supporting the bed.

Bed StopInternal Bed Stops:
Bed Stops secure the moving press bed to the frame. Allows full press bed travel and maximizes printing area.

Printing Press BearingBed Leveling Eccentric Bearings:
Uneven printing pressure is eliminated by independently adjustable precision ball bearings supporting the bed. These bearings in conjunction with Nylatron wear strips attach to each side frame, assuring minimal bed friction. These features provide ultra smooth bed travel.

Frame Unit:
.188" wall steel tubing is bolted and welded for maximum strength. Metal Inert Gas (MIG) weld method is used. This provides the strongest and cleanest weld available. The lower frame unit may be fully disassembled if necessary.

Pressure and Drive Drums:
Welded drum shaft, support baffles, and heavy wall 10.75" diameter drum stock are machined to precise specifications as a concentric unit. Maximum drum shaft support is achieved by two self aligning ball bearing support units. These very large diameter drums aid the printmaker tremendously when heavy pressure is being used during the printing process. All drums are nickel plated to eliminate rusting.

Bed Drive System:
Effortless hand cranking is made possible by our double reduction chain and sprocket drive system. Nylatron wear strips attached to each side frame assure minimal bed friction. Brushed stainless steel chain guard protects operator from moving parts of drive system.

Floor Model Etching Press FinishFinish:
All press parts are protected by nickel plating, anodizing or high durability powder coating. The powder coating is a custom Gothic black matte. Custom Color Presses are available.


Press Model 2648 3460 4072 4484 4896
Overall Length
(total operation space)
96" 120" 144" 168" 192"
Overall Width 46.5" 54.5" 60.5" 64.5" 68.5"
Overall Height 50.5" 50.5" 50.5" 50.5" 50.5"
Frame Length 76" 76" 96" 96" 120"
Frame Width 30" 38" 44" 48" 52"
Frame Height 30.5" 30.5" 30.5" 30.5" 30.5"
Bed Length 48" 60" 72" 84" 96"
Bed Width 25.5" 33.5" 39.5" 43.5" 47.5"
Bed Height 32" 32" 32" 32" 32"
Drum Length 25.5" 33.5" 39.5" 43.5" 47.5"
Drum Diameter 10.75" 10.75" 10.75" 10.75" 10.75"
Drum Shaft Diameter 2" 2" 2.25" 2.25" 2.5"
Drum Support Bearing Diameter 1.75" 1.75" 2.187" 2.187" 2.437"


Press Model
(Bed Size)
Hand Operated
Etching Press
(25 1/2" x 48")

(33 1/2" x 60")

(39 1/2" x 72")

(43 1/2" x 84")

(47 1/2" x 96")

Optional 36 inch Floor Model Captains wheel upgrade

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