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"I've been printing professionally for 24 years and without a doubt, Takach's presses and rollers are the best. They stand the test of time. Our one hand operated press was made in 1977 and is still going strong, also we are still using a few of their rollers that are going to be 25 years old soon."
-Bill Lagattuta, Master Printer,
Tamarind Institute

Takach Press Hand Inking Rollers are Made of High Quality Rubber on an Aluminum Core

We manufacture the finest inking rollers available. The rubber is a combination of natural rubber with Buna Nitrite blend. This blend of rubber keeps the durometer consistent and also gives the rubber a longer life span as well as the highest durability. This high quality rubber is wrapped on the aluminum roller core, cured, ground and polished. The wrapped rubber technique of rubber application is superior to cast rubber surface applications, since it will not revert to a liquid as is often seen in cast rubber rollers.

Shipping and storage of Takach Hand Inking Rollers

A quality shipping container is provided for shipping of Hand Inking Rollers and can also be used for print studio storage of the roller.

Cleanup of Takach Press Hand Inking Rollers

To clean Takach Press rollers several types of cleaning agents can be used. Solvent based cleaners for oil based inks and nontoxic cleaners as well as soap and water for water based ink cleanup. For final cleanup before storage it is recommended that a roller wash such as Varn 120 be used. Be sure not to leave any chemicals or solvents on the roller. It is recommended to wipe the rollers completely dry after each cleaning.

Repair of Damaged Hand Inking Rollers

Should a Hand Inking Roller become accidentally dented, our facility is equipped to regrind the surface, after removing the end caps and straightening the core.
If needed, the roller may be recoated. Contact Takach Press for pricing.

Durometer / Hardness of the Rubber Used on Takach Hand Inking Rollers

The durometer, or hardness of the rubber, is measured from 35(medium / softest) to 60 (hardest).

Durometer of Lithography Hand Inking Rollers

Hand Inking Rollers for lithography applications, 35 durometer is normally used.

Durometer of Etching Hand Inking Rollers

Hand Inking Rollers for etching applications, the full durometer range is utilized.

Viscosity Printing

A set of Hand Inking Rollers used for viscosity printing would consist of:

Custom Takach Hand Inking Rollers

Notes on Selecting A Takach Hand Inking Roller

35 Durometer Stock Item 60 Durometer Special Order Roller Diameter Face Length Roll out Length* Roller Weight Price
4000735 4000760 4.75" 7.75" 15" 3.0 lbs. $291
4001035 4001060 4.75" 10.75" 15" 5.0 lbs. $342
4001235 4001260 4.75" 12.75" 15" 6.0 lbs. $383
4001435 4001460 4.75" 14.75" 15" 7.0 lbs. $437
4001635 4001660 4.75" 16.75" 15" 8.0 lbs. $502
4001835 4001860 4.75" 18.75" 15" 9.0 lbs. $560
4002035 4002060 4.75" 20.75" 15" 10.0 lbs. $604
4011635 4011660 6.75" 16.75" 21.25" 11.5 lbs. $613
4012035 4012060 6.75" 20.75" 21.25" 14.0 lbs. $731
4022035 4022060 8.5" 20.75" 26.75" 16.0 lbs. $814
4022435 4022460 8.5" 24.75" 26.75" 18.0 lbs. $944
4032435 4032460 10.5" 24.75" 33" 21.0 lbs. $996
4032635 4032660 10.5" 26.75" 33" 24.0 lbs. $1056

* Roll Out Length refers to the length a roller will lay down ink without a lap mark.

Item # 4400

Takach Leather Roller Cuffs are designed to slip over your roller handles. This product will protect your hands during long printing sessions.

Item # 4402

Roller Handle PlasticPlastic Replacement Roller Handles (1.25"Diameter x 5.5" Long, PVC)

Item # 4403

Roller Handle AluminumReplacement Roller Handles Aluminum (1.25"Diameter x 5.5" Long, Powder Coated, Solid Aluminum)

Roller Wash

Item # 44150

Varn 120Varn 120 Roller Wash water miscible roller and brayer wash. Varn 120 may be used full strength or mixed with 20% - 30% water. Contains rubber rejuvenates and synthetic detergents.

Takach Specialty Hand Brayer InkedTakach Specialty Hand Brayers are the highest quality, narrow-sized Hand Brayers available, made with the same quality of rubber used on all Takach Press Hand Inking Rollers and Hand Brayers. They have a large 1 3/4" diameter and a 35 durometer medium hardness. Features include a high impact resistant handle and a sturdy frame, coupled with a self-lubricating bearing for extended service. These brayers will meet the demands of the professional printmaker and the students equally well.

35 60 Roller Diameter Face Length *Roll Out Length Price
432235 432260 1 3/4" 1/4" 5 1/2" $56
432435 432460 1 3/4" 1/2" 5 1/2" $57
432635 432660 1 3/4" 3/4" 5 1/2" $58
432835 432860 1 3/4" 1" 5 1/2" $59
* Roll Out Length refers to the length a roller will lay down ink without a lap mark.
Item # 4320135

Takach Specialty Hand Brayers SetSet of Specialty Hand Brayers include all four sizes of Specialty Hand Brayers shown above (1/4", 1/2", 3/4" and 1") as well as Maple Storage Block. Buy the set and save 10%.


Takach Hand Inking BrayerTakach Press Hand Brayers In our opinion, these are the best brayers money can buy. The rubber composition is the same as our top quality Hand Inking Rollers. Bushings are installed in the powder-coated brayer frame to insure smooth operation. The large 2.5" diameter will roll out 7.75" of ink without a lap mark. Standard durometer of rubber is 20. This provides the most versatility hardness for various printmaking techniques. 35 durometer rubber provides the most versatility for printmaking techniques. 60 durometer available for processes requiring a harder rubber surface.

35 med 60 hard Diameter *Roll Out Length Face Length
4300435 4300460 2.5" 7.75" 4"
4300635 4300660 2.5" 7.75" 6"
4300835 4300860 2.5" 7.75" 8"
4301035 4301060 2.5" 7.75" 10"
* Roll Out Length refers to the length a roller will lay down ink without a lap mark.

Takach Jumbo Inking BrayerTakach Jumbo Brayer

Our Jumbo Brayer fills the gap between our small hand brayers and our larger hand-inking rollers. The brayer has a large 3 1/2" diameter and a 12" face length. This large diameter gives you an 11" roll-out length providing an 11" x 12" square of ink without a lap mark. It has the same quality of rubber and the same lightweight aluminum powder coated frame as our other brayers. In stock at 35 durometer. It is also available from 20 durometer to 60 durometer.
35 med 60 hard Diameter *Roll Out Length Face Length
4331235 431260 3.5" 7.75" 12"

* Roll Out Length refers to the length a roller will lay down ink without a lap mark.

Speedball Brayers

Speedball BrayerSpeedball brayers are inexpensive soft rubber rollers. Designed to offer every advantage, these soft rubber brayers feature a durable plastic comfort grip handle, heavy duty steel frame to eliminate warping and a precision ground finish. the roller has a 40 durometer hardness to assure even ink distribution, made of natural rubber and has superior ink holding ability. Printmaking, scrapbooking, stamping, papercrafting, home decor mounting and much more become easier with our diverse collection of brayers from speedball.


Grabit Roller

Takach Grabbit RollerGrabit Inking Rollers also known as Hickie Rollers. These quality simulated leather rollers are manufactured similar to a standard Takach Hand Inking Roller. The first layer of rubber is wrapped as a standard hand inking roller. Next, an elastomeric ink roll covering formulation is applied which is uniformly impregnated with synthetic fibers. The result is a rubber hand inking roller that performs like a leather roller. A quality shipping container is supplied at no charge. You may use the lid of the container to store the Simulated Leather Grabit Inking Roller on your studio workbench.


Standard grabit rollers are 4.75" diameter 15" roll out*. Custom size grabit inking rollers available on request. Contact Takach Press for pricing.

  • Add to Cart41014 4.75" x 14.75" face length
  • Add to Cart41016 4.75" x 16.75" face length

* Roll Out Length refers to the length a roller will lay down ink without a lap mark.


The Grabit Roller may be cleaned with Varn 120 Roller Wash. Using a fine bristle brush dampened with roller wash will restore the nap of the roller should it become matted. The ability to clean these rollers doesn't limit you to using black ink, as with leather inking rollers. Any ink color may be used.

Leather Rollers

Traditional Leather RollerLeather inking rollers are traditional for stone lithography. Manufactured one-at-a-time, featuring a hand-stitched seam and maple wood core and handles. Each roller must be conditioned by following the provided break-in procedure instructions or paying for a roller conditioning service. Manufacture's 1-year warranty and serial number. If not in stock, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.



Item # 451 Add to Cart

Traditional Leather Roller Leather inking roller conditioning service delivers your new leather inking roller ready to print.

Item # 4401 Add to Cart

Stones Leather Roller CuffsLeather roller cuffs fit tapered roller handles on leather inking rollers.

Item # 522306 Add to Cart

Leather Roller ScraperLeather roller scraper used to scrap excess ink off of your leather roller. Scraper is flexable so that it can flexed to conform to the curve of the roller.

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