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Etching & Litho Press Accessories

Press Accessories

Support or Work Bench

Used to support Takach Table Top Presses.

Used as a work bench or excellent for use as studio work tables.

Tool Kits for Presses

An assortment of tools needed for setup and general maintenance of Takach presses.

Dust Covers

Breathable dust covers for large and small etching and litho printing presses. The dust cover's inner lining will not scratch your press.


Printing press casters to aide in transportation of floor model and table top presses.

Press Lubrication Kit

A lubrication supply kit for the upkeep and maintenance of Takach etching and litho presses

Etching Press Accessories

Felt Etching Blanket

Felt etching blankets for Intaglio and Etching Presses of all sizes.

Registration Grids

These registration grids aide in the registration of printing paper to intaglio plate.

Protective Bed Covers

Etching press bed covers help to protect the press bed and are used to cover registration grids.

Litho Press Accessories

Aluminum Plate Backers

These aluminum plate backers are used when printing lithography with ball grained aluminum plate.

Scraper Bar

Litho press scraper bars, straps and service.


Tympan sheets for use with fine art litho presses.

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