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Plate Backers for Litho Press
Takach Litho Plate Backer

"Both at my studio and at the University studio we use Takach rollers, Takach aluminum plates, Takach scraper bars, and at UT we use the lightweight Takach plate backer, a must for every school shop."
-Ken Hale,
University Of Texas Austin

A plate backer must provide a hard level surface, larger than the plate to be printed, and thick enough that the press will make contact when printing thin litho plates. Plate backers are required when printing ball grained aluminum plate, photolitho plate, polyester plate, on a litho press.

Precision Aluminum Plate Backer

Takach aluminum plate backers are precision ground on both sides for ultimate flatness. Made of 1" thick aluminum these relatively lightweight plate backers will not warp or emboss. A phenolic-resin sheet is bonded to one side, providing a durable work surface that will prevent scratching and is easy to clean. If the printer prefers, he or she may turn the backer over and use the bare aluminum surface as the top side of the backer.

Desirable characteristics of plate backers

Light weight aluminum plate backers will not emboss after repeated printing and are not effected by heat or humidity. Backers made of materials other than aluminum, are not ideal.

Light weight

Plate backers must be a manageable weight that can be transferred onto and off of the press bed, aluminum plate backers are lightweight compared to steel plate backers or large litho stones.

Non warping

Other plate backer materials especially plastics are effected by heat and humidity and will warp creating uneven printing pressure areas, aluminum is not effected by heat or humidity.


Aluminum will not emboss after repeated printing, plastic backers have the reputation for becoming embossed by the printing pressure. Slate plate backers have a tendency to flake off.


Item # 172636

25.5" x 36"

90 lbs

Item # 173040

30" x 40"

120 lbs

Item # 173648

36" x 48"

170 lbs

2 new sizes designed to fit 3460 Litho and 4072 Litho Press Beds.

Item # 1733352

33" x 51"

178 lbs

New size

Fits: 34" x 60" Litho Press

Item # 173964

39" x 64"

249 lbs

New Size

Fits : 40" x 72" Litho Press

Custom Sizes

Custom and large sizes plate backers are available upon request.

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