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Printmaking Studio Equipment:

Studio Equipment

Studio Equipment

Abrasive Supplies - Carborundum Grit (black silicone carbide): Used to levigate litho stones.
Drying Racks - Various sized racks for drying prints, paintings, or other flat substrates in the shop or studio.
Etching Trays - Various sized etching trays used for normal concentrations of acid etching baths.
Exposure Units - NuArc and Amergraph metal halide exposure units capable of exposing screen and plate.
Flat Files - Modular flat file system for print storage. Flat files are archival and museum quality.
Floor Mats - Quality floor mat suitable for art studio.
Hot Plates - Professional quality hot plates for shop or studio.
Levigators - Hand-operated Levigator for graining litho stones.
Lifts - Aides in lifting and transporting heavy items in the studio.
Light Tables and Light Boxes - provide uniform and even back-lighting of the working surface.
Plate Shears - Shears of various sizes and capacities used to cut printmaking plates.
Punch Registration Systems - Six and three pin registration punches to be used with registration pins.
Safety Cans - Fire marshal approved containers for storage, dispensing and disposal of flamable materials.
Screen Printing - Manual one man opperated seragraphy presses.
Storage Cabinets - Leak-proof cabinet with locking handle. Meets NFPA Code 30 and OSHA Standard 1910.106 for storage of Class I, II and III liquids.
Straight Edges -A precision tool useful in determining the flattness of a surface such as a litho stone or press bed.
Washout Sinks - Ideal for degreasing mesh, washing out emulsion or film, and reclaiming screens.

Helping to Make Your Fine Art Print Studio Safe and Efficient

Shop safety is a top priority of Takach Press. Download MSDS sheets for printmaking chemicals and supplies in your shop. Most of the MSDS sheets for the print studio chemicals and materials sold by Takach Press are available online. The effort of providing Need To Know Information online allows the printmaker to more easily access, downloaded or print this information in a timely manner.
Takach Press sells safety equipment for housing hazardous printing materials in the print studio. Ink, paint and flammable storage cabinets safely store flammable material. Acid storage Cabinet are also available. Both cabinets meets NFPA Code 30 and OSHA Standard 1910.106 for storing class I, II, and III liquids. Flammable Terne Waste cans provide ideal safe disposal of oily or solvent soaked rags. Rugged dispensing bottles for flammable liquids feature leak proof self- closing brass dispenser valves and are FM-approved. Type 1 terne plate safety cans are ideal for carrying flammable liquids in the studio.
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