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Printmaking Studio Equipment: Etching Trays

Acid Etching, Plate Developing, or Paper Soaking Trays

Polyethylene Trays

These high density polyethylene trays are great for etching plate, soaking paper, or developing photosensitive plate.

Not recommended for KPR or Pre-sensitized Zinc Developer.

Etching Tray:

Polyethylene trays used for normal concentrations of acids to etch copper plate and zinc plate.

Paper Soaking:

A standard 22" x 30" sheet of paper can be soaked in a 23" x 28" tray, please note that the paper will not lay flat in the tray bottom, having a gently curve up the side of the tray.

Plate Developing:

Excellent tray for developing emerald photolitho or photopolymer plates. Consider the use of magnetic support material to hold steel backed KM photopolymer plate and Solarplate during wash out.

Item # Tray Capacity (the flat area at the bottom of the tray) Price
32221 11" x 14" printmaking tray $21.00 ea.
32222 16" x 20" printmaking tray $35.00 ea.
32223 20" x 24" printmaking tray $59.00 ea.
32224 23" x 28" printmaking tray $86.00 ea.
32225 32" x 42" printmaking tray $149.00 ea
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