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Straight Edges For Printmaking

Precision Straight Edge

Do not confuse this with a ruler. These are precision-made tools used to determine flatness on litho stones.
Many litho stones are broken because a faulty straight edge was used during the graining or levigation procedure.
May also be used to check flatness on etching and etching press beds.
The heavy weight of the straight edges along with their rigid steel construction makes them a great tool for tearing printmaking paper similar to but more versatile than standard paper tear bars.
Item # Length Width Thickness Accuracy
212024 24" 1.406" .171" 0.001
212036 36" 2.406" .218" 0.0015
212048 48" 2.406" .218" 0.002

Drafting Straight Edge / Paper Tear Bar

This 2" wide x .090" thick stainless steel drafting straight edge can also be used as a printmaking paper tear bar. The straight edge is beveled on one edge and is square on the other.
Item #212236:
36" Length Drafting straight edge / printmaking paper tear bar.

Item #212248:
48" Length Drafting straight edge / printmaking paper tear bar.

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