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Printmaking Studio Equipment: Washout Sinks

Serigraphy Washout Sinks

KDL Washout SinkWDX Washout Sink

The WDX Washout Sinks are ideal for degreasing mesh, washing out emulsion or film, and reclaiming screens. All units are backlit for easy viewing at no additional charge. 
Item # Description Max Screen Size Price
251201 WDX 36 32" x 44" Buy Online
251202 WDX 48 42" x 44" Buy Online
251203 WDX 60 54" x 44" Buy Online
251205 WDX 72 66" x 44" Buy Online

Blackline Filter OneFilter One

Filtration Option for Washout Sinks:

While a washout booth is essential in maintaining an efficient clean room, the disposal of ink and emulsion by-products is critical. Waste solids have the potential to ruin plumbing, septic systems -- or both. Blackline's solution to this problem is the Filter One, an under-sink filtration system that utilizes a dual-tank design to trap ink and emulsion solids before they reach the outflow. The Filter One hooks up to your present plumbing, and when used with biodegradable, non-toxic cleaners, discharge from the system is drain safe. It's extremely easy to operate and fits neatly under any of Blackline's washout booths, making a cost effective waste management system. Blackline Mfg.'s Filter One filtration system performs two tasks: First, it catches all cleaning liquids and ink and emulsion solids from the washout booth that would normally go straight to your septic system; and second, it filters that liquid before pumping it out of your waste drain, keeping solids in a separate compartment.
Emulsions, if disposed of in a septic system, will eventually clog the pipes and, if the user is on a private septic system, the tank as well. Bacteria that would normally attack human waste is instead attracted to the emulsion, thus upsetting the chemical balance of the waste system. Blackline's Filter One prevents this, and when used in conjunction with biodegradable solvents renders them drain safe.
Item #25401
Filter One
Dual-filtration: 70 micron and 20 micron filters
Renders waste emulsion and biodegradable solvents drain safe.
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Item #25402
Filter One Replacement Filters 1-70 micron and 1-20 micron filter
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Filter One for WDX Washout SinkD2 Washout Sink

A fully self-contained recirculation unit that is easy to assemble, service and maintain. Constructed of welded polypro with a 20-plus gallon capacity, will accept screens up to 41" tall. Comes with chemical pump and plumbing, power cord, chemically resistant hose, spray nozzle, foot switch and screen supports. Ships UPS.

Item #251204
Overall Dimensions: 24"D x 36"W x 69"H
Max Screen Size: 36" x 32"
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WDX Washout SinkKDL Washout Sink

Constructed entirely of 1/4" semitransparent polypro with a welded main pan, locking side and back panels, built-in screen supports, bolt on legs. Easy to back light. The KDL Washout Sink accepts standard 23" x 31" screens and comes standard with two screen supports. Ships UPS ground.
Item #251206

24"D x 32"W x 64"H
Max Screen Size: 31" x 35"
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Item #251207
KDL Backlight
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Cam Spray Screen WasherCam Spray Screen Washer

Item #252201:
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Cam Spray Screen Replacement Wand and Nozzle:

Item #252205:
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Sharper Image Squeegee SharpenerSharper Image Squeegee Sharpener

Item #253101:
24", 110 V, table-mounted manual diamond wheel sharpener
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