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Printmaking Studio Equipment: Printmaking Plate Shears

Printmaking Plate Shears

Photopolymer Plate Cutter

Item #22021:
Kutrimmer 1046

Kutrimmer 1043 Photopolymer Plate Cutter

The Kutrimmer 1046 cuts photopolymer plate up to 17" wide

The Kutrimmer 1046 has clamping device that moves with the blade to automatic secure plate or paper during cutting.
The precision side guide algins the photopolymer plate for cutting and includes scales in inch and metric systems with standard plate and paper cut sizes indicated on cutting table.
The Kutrimmer 1046 is ideal for cutting photopolymer plate having the capacity to cut steel backed Tyobo Print Tight Km Plate or Solarplate with ease, preserving the photopolymer emulsions integrity at the cut edge and leaving a clean sharp edge.
The Kutrimmer 1046 Photopolymer plate cutter has the capacity to cut 30 sheets of 20 pound paper. The durable all-metal construction of the Kutrimmer 1043 Plate Cutter provides a solid working platform for accurate clean cuts. It weighs 26 pounds has a lockable back gauge and an overall table size of 19" x 14.25", the solingen steel blade set may be re sharpened if necessary.

Triple Action Foot Squaring Shears

Triple action foot squaring shears are the industry's most accurate.
They allow relief on both edges of the fixed and moving blades eliminating blade-to-blade friction, providing "bite" to eliminate sheet movement under shearing stress, this also produces double penetration in the cutting action.
Safety features include shatterproof transparent finger guards, treadle stops, and well guards.
These features contribute to easy operation, precise shearing, long life and dependability ideal for academic printmaking facilities and private studios needing to cut copper, zinc, steel and plastic printmaking plates.
These plate sheers are built to machine tool standards.
Powered plate shears are also available.

Tennsmith Model 52 and Model 36 Foot Squaring Shears
Tennsmith Model 52 and 36
Foot Squaring Shears

Tennsmith Model #52 and Model #36 Foot Squaring Shears:

Item #22005:
Tennsmith Foot Squaring Plate Shear
Model #52
Includes front and back stops.
Item #22006:
Tennsmith Foot Squaring Plate Shear
Model #36
Includes front and back stops.
Tennsmith Plate Sheer
Roper Whitney Pexto
Foot Squaring Shear

Roper Whitney Pexto Foot Squaring Shear

Item #22004:
Roper Whitney Pexto Foot Squaring Plate Shear
Includes back stops only. Cuts copper, zinc, steel and plastic printmaking plates.
Model #152
Item #22007:
Front Bar Stop for Model #152 Plate Shear
Front Bar Stop
Roper Whitney Plate Sheer

Roper Whitney Pexto Bench Shear Model #125

Item #22002:
Roper Whitney Foot Squaring Plate Shear
Model #125
Made of the highest quality materials. Engineered to provide precise shearing, long life dependability, and the utmost in serviceability. Features top and bottom blades that are interchangeable, automatic material hold-down, large work surface, finger safety guard, and easy to reach steel front gauge.
This model saves valuable print studio floor space as it can be placed on an existing work surface.
Plate Shear Characteristic Tennsmith
Model #52
Model #36
Roper Whitney
Model #152
Roper Whitney
Model #125
Weight 950 lbs. 700 lbs 1,000 lbs. 230 lbs.
Maximum cutting length 52.25" 37" 52" 25"
Maximum back gauge range 30" 30" 25" 12.5"
Maximum front gauge range 37" 37" 30" 37"
Floor space, gauges in position 60" x 80" 45" x 80" 60" x 76" 25" x 25"
Maximum Cutting Capacity
(All Models listed)
16 ga. (.062") Copper plate, zinc plate
18 ga. (.045") mild steel plate
14 ga. (.075") Aluminum plate
1/8" (.125") Polycarbonate Plastic (Monotype Plates)
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