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Plates, Films & Chemistry: Solarplate Photopolymer Printmaking

U. V. Sensitive Solarplate can be Exposed in Sunlight

Solarplate are steel-backed, light sensitive, photopolymer printmaking platesdesigned to provide a safer alternative to traditional etching and relief printing.After exposing with U. V. light, the plate is developed with water. Solarplatemay be exposed using sunlight, but we recommend an exposure system and vacuumframe for consistent results.

Solarplate Printmaking Plates

Steel backed backed plates with a photopolymer emulsion. These plates are .034" thick.

Note: Plates may be cut to custom sizes using a photopolymer plate cutter.

How to Use Photopolymer Printmaking Plate

Item #53017

Printmaking with Photopolymer PlatesPrintmaking With Photopolymer Plates: A New, Safe, Versatile Printmaking Technique For Artists And Students
By: Dianne Longley
A complete guide to the uses of photopolymer plates with step by step instructions.
The book includes an overview of various print media, a history of photopolymer plates and a schematic for building an exposure unit.
Paperback 112 pages.

Item # 53007 discontinued
"Printmaking in the Sun"
Dan Welden
144pg. book on Solarplate.
More information about Solarplate

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