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Plates, Films & Chemistry: Plastic Films

Film For Drawing, Transfer to Photosensitive Plate and General Registration

Velvet Tone Drawing Film

Polycarbonate film with a fine tooth grained surface for pencil and crayon drawing. For printmaking use with photo litho or photopolymer etching plates.
Item # Size Price
39041 .007" x 48" x 50' roll Velvet Tone Drawing Film
39042 .007" x 48" x 100' roll

Artex Textured Film:

A plastic film with a course grained surface for use with pencils or crayons to be transferred with a photo sensitive printmaking process.
Item # Size Price
39040 .006" x 36" x 100 ft. roll. Artex Textured Film Pricing
39039 .006" x 18" x 100 ft. roll.

Artex Stencil Film:

The same film as Artex Textured film with a peel off adhesive backing. Great for stencil work or any project needing an adhesive film.
Item # Size Price
39045 .006" x 42" x 150 ft. roll. Artex Stencil Film Pricing

Clear Polyester Film (Multipurpose Mylar):

Multipurpose Mylar Can be used for general registration purposes as well as for photographic processes.
Item # Size Price
39010 .003" x 36" x 150 ft. roll Clear Polyester Film Pricing
39011 .003" x 42" x 150 ft. roll

Matte Polyester Film:

Printmaking film that is ideal for pencil and ink work to be transferred to photo sensitive plates.
Item # Size Price
39020 .003" x 36" x 150 ft. roll Matte Polyester Film Pricing
39021 .003" x 42" x 150 ft. roll
39022 .003" x 48" x 150 ft. roll

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