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ImagOn™ HD
Photopolymer Film

Film Speed

ImagOnHD is a slower film than ImagOnULTRA rapid.  The slower the film the higher the image resolution.   Our exposure tests show ImagOnHD requires about twice the exposure as ImagOnULTRA rapid. It is imperative that you make test exposures to determine the BEST exposure for your exposure unit.


When ImagOnHD was  exposed to a 21 Step Grayscale (printed in an inkjet printer onto transparency film) acceptable exposures were obtained over a range of exposures from 15 to 50 seconds. This shows that the ImagOnHD has a greater exposure latitude which also means more choices to manipulate the image through exposure. The only way to determine the best exposure is through EXPOSURE TESTING.

Laminating ImagOnHD

FOR BEST RESULTS ALWAYS LAMINATE THE IMAGON PLATE THE DAY BEFORE USE. Plates can be made weeks in advance as long as they are kept away from light and heat.
ImagOnHD can be laminated with wet or dry techniques. To dry-laminate place a pristine piece of Plexiglas onto your etching press bed, take off the ImagOn peel-back layer, place it emulsion face up onto the Plexiglas, then place the etching plate on top and run it through the press. P.E,T.G plates are highly recommended for this technique.  

Packing ImagOnHD

Additionally ImgOnHD is protected with "Cool Shield Bubble Wrap" a foil laminated, metalized bubble wrap which was designed to provide short term thermal shipping protection for food, plants and pharmaceuticals.  ImagOnHD shipping tube will change from red to a metallic silver tube which adds additional temperature resistance.

Developing Instructions

ImagOnHD represents the latest generation of photopolymer film designed to yield higher definition due to its very transparent green emulsion and slower film speed .  If you are using old ImagOn instructions, as outlined in “Non-Toxic Intaglio Printmaking”, these instructions will not work properly for this new film. The most essential element for successful use of ImagOnHD is to follow the instruction in Keith Howard’s book, “The Contemporary Printmaker”.  Before commencing, it is very important to test your soda ash developer, as outlined in this book.

How ImagOnHD is different to ImagOn ULTRA rapid?


Always make an exposure test. To lighten an image INCREASE exposure. To darken DECREASE exposure. On industrial exposure units always choose the lowest intensity lamp setting OR filter lamps above 1000W with neutral density filter. An exposure system and vacuum frame are required to process correctly.

Cutting ImagOn

ImagON film may be cut to custom sizes using a razor knife.

ImagOn™ Roll
ImagOn™ HD Roll

ImagONTMHD Photopolymer Film

Item # Size Price
390610 12" x 15' Roll $49.00
390611 24" x 15' Roll $99.00
390612 24" x 25' Roll $165.00

ImagONTM PRO Photopolymer Film

Item #390606:

ImagONTM PRO Photopolymer Film
This version is thicker than ImagONTM Ultra Rapid, allowing a heaver ink deposit on the paper.
Greater exposure and development latitude are also acheived.
36" x 100' roll (300 sq. ft.)
Discontinued Product

Item #53012:

The Contemporary Printmaker Intaglio-type & Acrylic Resist Etching
The Contemporary
"The Contemporary Printmaker Intaglio-type & Acrylic Resist Etching"
243-page book
By Keith Howard.
Most up to date info on Image On techniques.
Color photos.

Item #53008:

Using ImagON tm Ultra Polymer Film
Using ImagON tm
Ultra Polymer Film
"Using ImagON tm Ultra Polymer Film"
Video and manual:

80-minute video
By Keith Howard.
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