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Polyester Plate Lithography

Smart Plate Laser Plate
Printing with Polyester litho plate is similar to aluminum plate lithography. It is an excellent tool to spark interest in beginning litho students by combining computer imagery and hard printed lithography offering immediate results. Polyester plates are designed to print high resolution computer imagery using a dry toner laser printer such as the HP5000 Laser Jet Printer or copier. Plates may also be hand worked using heat fixable toner washes, permanent markers, ball point pen, etc. Plates do not require traditional etch process. Simply image the plate, process with chemistry provided, ink, and print. Traditional litho inks, etching, offset and some relief inks can be used: Instructions included. Polyester laser plates are also known as Direct to plate or D2p Plate. Print digital images directly to polyester plate with a laser printer.

Smart Plate

Smart plate is a brand of polyester litho plate that is coated on both sides, both sides can be imaged. If using punch registration punch holes after imaging.

Plate Size

Item # 36001

12 1/2" x 19 3/8" 100 pack Smart Plate Pricing

Item # 36002

12 1/2" x 19 3/8" 10 pack Smart Plate Pricing

Item # 36009

24" x 36" 10 pack Smart Plate Pricing


Smart Plate Fountain Solution 390Item # 36101

Fountain Solution 390

1/2 gallon

Dilutes 30:1 with water

Smart Plate Etch 392Item # 36102

Plate Etch 392

1 pint

Allows plate to absorb water & reduce scumming

Smart Plate Prep 394Item # 36103

Laser Plate Prep 394

1 pint

Removes toner particles before printing

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