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KM Photopolymer Plates

Tyobo KM 43KM steel backed photopolymer plates offer exceptional detail and clarity while capturing light and midtone grays. Km plates are used in photo intaglio and relief flexographic printing. Each plate comes layered with a U.V. ultraviolet protective sheet that peels off prior to use.

Exposing Tyobo KM Photopolymer Plates

KM Photopolymer plates consist of a photo sensitive polymer emulsion on a steel backed photopolymer plate for photo intaglio printmaking. It can be cut to size using the Kutrimmer Plate Cutter. After peeling back the UV protective sheet the KM photopolymer plates are commonly exposed using a multi spectrum metal halide exposure unit. Eevaluated and calibrated test strips of photopolymer plate using a stouffer 21 step scale to acheive a solid 14/15 with the actual positive transparency.

Developing Tyobo KM Photopolymer Plates

Km Photopolymer plates are developed in luke warm tap water. This procedure provides a safe alternative to traditional photo intaglio printing.

Tyobo KM Photopolymer Plate Emulsion Thickness

The emulsion on KM 43 photopolymer plate is .017" thick

The emulsion on KM 83 photopolymer plate is .033" thick

Tyobo Photopolymer Printmaking Plate Pricing

Reference Material

Item #53017

Printmaking With Photopolymer Plates Printmaking With Photopolymer Plates:
A New, Safe, Versatile Printmaking Technique For Artists And Students
By: Dianne Longley
A complete guide to the uses of photopolymer plates with step by step instructions.
The book includes an overview of various print media, a history of photopolymer plates and a schematic for building an exposure unit.
Paperback 112 pages.


Item # 23301
Stouffer 21 step sensitivity Guide

Stouffer 21 step Scale
Used to evaluate variables in exposure of photo sensitive plates.


Item # 22021
Kutrimmer Photopolymer Plate Shear Table Top Kutrimmer:
Photopolymer plate; solar and KM
Litho Plate; ball grained and photo litho
Monotype Plates; Polycarbonate and PETG
Paper; up to 30 sheets of 20#
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