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Takach Table Top Litho Press
Takach Table Top Litho Press
"I have used many different presses and have found Takach to be among the most durable and easiest to operate. I have practiced aluminum plate lithography for many years and know how difficult it is to find ball-grained aluminum plates. Plates such as those from Takach help ensure the success of a lithographic print."

- Jeffrey Sippel
Education Director
Tamarind Institute

20 Year Litho Press Warranty


Table Top Litho Press Information

Takach Press Table Top Litho Press Pressure SystemPressure System:
The pressure system on our Table Top Litho Press is designed after our proven Floor Model Litho pressure system. Both utilize the same 1” diameter hardened steel pin and permanently lubricated fiber glide bearings. The system will accommodate two ranges of stone or plate thickness, from 0”- 2” and 2”- 4”.

Takach Press Table Top Litho Press Scraper Bar HousingScraper Bar Housing:
A pressure lock knob is provided and the scraper bar housing is designed to use our standard scraper bars.

Press Bed:
One-half inch precision ground aluminum plate with a phenolic-resin sheet bonded to the top and bottom surfaces. This provides a press bed and a plate backer in one.

Bed Stops:Takach Press Table Top Litho Press Bed Stops
Secures the moving press bed to the press frame. This feature is a must in today´s safety conscious studio.

Takach Press Table Top Litho Press Bed Latch System Bed Latch System:
The press bed may be locked in the inking position.

Frame Unit:
Three-quarter by five inch aluminum is paired and machined simultaneously to provide a very accurate and sturdy frame unit. One inch diameter cross bars join the side frames. An aluminum frame provides maximum strength, yet reduces the press weight considerably, making it a more mobile unit.

Takach Press Table Top Litho Press Bed Drive System Bed Drive System:
Effortless hand cranking is made possible by our double reduction chain and sprocket drive system. Polyethylene wear strips attached to each side frame assure minimal bed friction. "See-thru" chain guard covers allow easy inspection of chain lubrication.

Takach Press Table Top Litho FinishFinish:
All steel press parts are protected by nickel plating, anodizing, high quality paint, or powder coated finish. Custom color presses, are available for an additional charge.


Table Top litho Press On Support BenchSupport Bench:
A beautiful and durable 1.75" Michigan hard rock maple table top is attached to a steel table frame. Can be used as a Support Table for Table Top Presses or as a Work Bench for the studio. One lower shelf comes standard; a second shelf may be added, as well as roll around casters for mobility. See Options below for pricing of shelves and casters.

Support/Work Bench Use with Press Model #

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Table Dimensions
(W x L x H)
Item #1001 1836, 2436, 2448 Add to Cart 30" x 48" x 30"
Item #1003 3048, 3060 Add to Cart 36" x 60" x 30"

Options for Support / Work Bench:

Item #1220: Buy Online
Support Bench Swivel Casters (300 lb. load rating each) 3 1/2" tall.
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Printing Press Support Work BenchItem #1016: Buy Online
Support Bench second shelf option (factory installed), Use with Bench #1001
(24" x 48" full width shelf)  

Item #1017: Buy Online
Support Bench second shelf option offers additional storage for paper, etc. (factory installed), Use with Bench # 1003 (24" x 60" full width shelf)  

Combo Capable:
All Table Top presses are combo capable at no additional cost!
Combo capable allows you to purchase either an Etching Press or Litho  Press and at a later date order the second Pressure Head,  giving you a complete Etching and Litho Combination Press.


Model/Bed Size 18x36 24x36 24x48 30x48 30x60
Overall Height 21" 21" 21" 21" 21"
Overall Height with
Support Bench
53" 53" 53" 53" 53"
Frame Length 36" 36" 48" 48" 60"
Frame Width 19.75" 25.75" 25.75" 31.75" 31.75"
Frame Height 5" 5" 5" 5" 5"
Bed Length 36" 36" 48" 48" 60"
Bed Width 18" 24" 24" 30" 30"
Bed Height 5.25" 5.25" 5.25" 5.25" 5.25"
Drum Length 18" 24" 24" 30" 30"
Drum Diameter 4.75" 4.75" 4.75" 4.75" 4.75"


Press Model
(Bed Size)
Litho Press (Combo Capable)

(18" x 36")

Item # 0101836
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(24" x 36")

Item # 0102436
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(24" x 48")

Item # 0102448
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(30" x 48")

Item # 0103048
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(30" x 60")

Item # 0103060
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Takach Press Table Top Lithography Presses Feature A Pressure System witch permits printing from stone or plate. Please call for additional information.

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