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Graphic Chemical & Ink Company Printmaking Materials

Founded in 1920 by Robert P. Faulkner, Graphic Chemical produces printmaker's materials including inks for intaglio and fine art lithography.

Graphic Chemical Inks

Etching Inks

Graphic Chemical Etching and Perfection Palette inks are suitable for all etching and intaglio processes that use oil based technology. The perfection pallette line of inks has a more extensive range of colors and has the added advantage of being suitable for both intaglio and relief printing techniques.

Litho Ink

Graphic Chemical's time tested line of lithography inks specially formulated for the printmaker to achieve the best results on litho stone, as well as ball grained plate.

Grounds and Stop Outs

Ball Grounds

Ball Ground

Ball Ground Extra Soft

Liquid Grounds

Hard Ground

Soft Ground


Stopout Varnish

Powdered Rosin

Powder Rosin


Senefelder's Liquid Asphaltum

Ink Modifiers


Burnt Plate Oil (Hanco)

Litho Varnish (Hanco)

Magnesium Carbonate (Hanco)

Tack Control

Sureset Compound 2378

Easy Wipe 2353


Cobalt Drier

Ink Extenders

Transparency and Tint

Tint Base Extender 1911

Laketine 1910

Transparent White 2410


Etching Base 899

Plate Cleaning and Polishing



French Chalk

French Chalk
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