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Hanco Litho Ink

Hanco Litho InkHanco Litho Ink Formerly Handschy Ink

All inks without drier. Sold in 1 lb cans unless noted.

Master Palette

High strength full bodied ink made of finely ground specialty pigments. Provides superior permanence master printers require for lasting impressions.

Ink Colors

CS Palette

The time tested B15 palette, provides high strength, full body and high tack. Excellent value for educators institutions and budget conscious printmakers.


SetswellSetswell MS-1025 is an ink modifier that keeps printed ink layers receptive to additional ink layers.
Hanco Body GumLitho Varnish is used as an ink modifier.
Hanco Body GumBody Gum MS-1023 is thicker than the thickest litho varnish.
Hanco Magnesium CarbonateMagnesium Carbonate PM-104 is used to stiffen ink.
Hanco Clearset CompoundClearset Compound MS-1008 is a tack reducer used to soften etching inks. Note: compare to miracle gel reducer
Cobalt DrierCobalt Drier MS-1000 is used to speed the drying time of inks.
Tu Way DrierTu Way Drier MS-1014 is used to speed the drying time of ink.
Flash OilFlash Oil MS-1022 is a tack reducer with high wetting properties.

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