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Starter Set
T M Ra

The set includes 4 colors and 3 modifiers in 8oz Jars.
Colors: Hansa Yellow, Crimson Red, Phthalo Blue, Lamp Black

Modifiers: Transparent Base, Mag Mix, Release Agent
7 pc. set

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Complete Color Set
Colors: all Akua Intaglio ink colors listed below

Modifiers: Transparent Base, Mag Mix, Release Agent

Individual Colors

Non Toxic water based intaglio ink that cleans up with soap and water.
Sold in 8 oz. jars, Similar to 1 lb. cans.

Ink Modifiers

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Akua Intaglio Transparent Base T Transparent Base IITB
Transforms Akua Kolor Ink into intaglio ink or relief ink.
Increases transparency when added to akua intaglio ink.
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Akua Intaglio Mag Mix M Mag Mix (Ink Stiffener) IIAO - previously called Oil Converter, or Akua Oil
Stiffens Akua Intaglio Ink
Add to Akua Intaglio ink to thicken and add more body to the ink. Use for relief and intaglio plates that require a stiffer ink as well as letterpress and viscosity printing.
mix as needed with Akua Intaglio inks. Clean with soap and water.
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Akua Intaglio Release Agent Ra Release Agent - looks white in the jar but rolls up clear and colorless. It has a soft, buttery consistency and cleans up with liquid dish detergent.

About Akua Intaglio

Made with Soy and Light fast Pigments

Akua Intaglio is a soy based ink made with the same high quality lightfast pigments as Akua Liquid Pigment. It has a thick consistency with minimal water content.

Clean up with soap and water

Akua Intaglio ink cleans up easily with a dry rag followed by soap and water. Inexpensive liquid dish detergent can be used. Never use toxic solvents.agian.


Prints can be re-soaked immediately after printing if handled carefully. Once the print is dry, Akua-Intaglio is permanent.

Never Skins or Hardens in the Jar

Ink will never skin or harden in the jar or on the ink slab, so no ink is ever wasted.


Akua Wiping FabricAkua Wiping Fabric
Akua inks will not dry or harden on this polyester, lint free, long lasting, tarlatan alternative.

Wiping the plate with Akua Intaglio is easier than wiping oil-based ink. Less wiping pressure and time is required.

Wipes nice and clean while the paper picks up the ink efficiently.

Option To Print on Damp or Dry Paper

Choose to print on dry or damp paper according to what may be best suited for your technique. Plates with greater tonal value, deeply bitten or raised surfaces require dampened paper. It may not be necessary to dampen paper for shallow bitten plates with high contrast images. Monotypes print best on dry smooth paper.

Modifying Akua Intaglio Ink For Printmaking Techniques

Reductive Monotype Roll Up

Use right from the jar. Transparent Base is optional.

Additive Monotype Brushwork

Thin with blending medium

Relief (woodblock, lino)

Use right from the jar or add Akua Ink Stiffener or Magnesium Carbonate.

Intaglio / Etching

Use right from the jar or add Akua Ink Stiffener or Magnesium Carbonate.


Use right from the jar. Transparent Base is optional.

Collagraph / Carborundum

Use right from the jar. Transparent Base is optional.

Silk Aquatint

Use right from the jar or thin with Blending Medium. Transparent Base is optional.


Use right from the jar or add Akua Mag Mix and Magnesium Carbonate.

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