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Printmaking Supplies: Akua-Kolor Modifiers

Akua Liquid Pigment Modifiers, Blending Medium, Tack Thickener, Extender.

Item # 50060

Akua-Kolor Retarder Slows the drying rate of Akua-Kolor, giving you hours on reductive monotype plates. (4 oz. bottle)

Item # 50061

Akua-Kolor Blending Medium (originally called Thinner) For Blending colors. Also slows the drying rate of Akua-Kolor. It is less tacky than Retarder, giving you a more fluid medium for blending colors and creating washes for additive monotype techniques. (4 oz. bottle)

Item # 50062

Akua-Kolor Tack Thickener This unique modifier adds more tack and thickens Akua-Kolor instantly. It is used in relief printmaking for rolling up heavier applications of Akua Liquid Pigments onto monotype plates, linoleum and woodblocks. (4 oz. bottle)

Item # 50063

Akua-Kolor Extender Akua Liquid Pigments will stiffen to the same consistency as tube watercolors when left on an uncovered tray over a period of time. Extender restores Akua Liquid Pigments to their original consistency when added to "air thickened" Akua Liquid Pigments. It is added directly to the colors that have become a bit too thick on the watercolor tray. (4 oz. bottle)

Item # 50113

Akua Intaglio Mag Mix (Ink Stiffener) Formerly called Oil Converter or Akua Oil. Stiffens Akua Intaglio Ink. Add to Akua Intaglio ink to thicken and add more body to the ink. Use for relief and intaglio plates that require a stiffer ink as well as letterpress and viscosity printing. Mix as needed with Akua Intaglio inks.

Item # 50100

Akua Intaglio Transparent Base Transforms akua liquid pigment into intaglio ink or relief ink. Increases transparency when added to akua intaglio inks.

Item # 50116

Akua Intaglio Release Agent Highly recommended modifier for monotype with Akua Liquid Pigments. Helps produce rich prints and fantastic ghost impressions.

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